Reliable Fuel Injection Rebuilds

The fuel injection system is a complex one and ties closely to the performance of the engine of your truck. An injection pump is designed to deliver just the right amount of fuel to the combustion chamber, also ensuring the maximum power output and fuel efficiency. It is not difficult to see that problems associated with your fuel injection system are a core concern since the performance of your diesel truck depends directly on it.

If you’ve experienced a fuel injector failure recently, then you know it’s not the most pleasant experience. Sometimes an injection pump failure is caused by faulty mechanical problems. And at other times, it’s the fuel quality.

Dirty fuel can cause damage to the fuel system of your diesel truck. When there are contaminants in the fuel the fuel injection system can sustain damage. Fuel filters need to be changed on a regular basis and more often when you get a tank of contaminated fuel.

Capital Diesel provides you with a reliable fuel injection system rebuild service that you'll want to pay for. Our team is exceptional. We ensure your trucks' fuel system is in perfect condition and ready to handle any distance under any conditions. Our fuel injection system rebuild involves a thorough cleaning of fuel injection system components and replacing faulty parts.

Visit our fuel injection shop in Holts Summit, MO serving the Jefferson City, MO area and get your vehicle back in perfect shape.

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